Chapter 1 What is all this DAM stuff?
In this chapter, I'll give you a general sense of what the practice of
digital asset management means for photographers. We'll go over some
broad outlines of the system, look at the types of software products
used in effective DAM solutions, and discuss why you actually need to
think about all this. I will also explain the DNG format and how you
can use it as the basis of an integrated collection.

It's like Color Management, Only Different
Sometimes You Need to Let Go
Help is Here
Do I Really Have to Do That?
What is Digital Asset Management?

An Overview of the DAM System
Rules of Sound Digital Asset Management

Understanding Digital Asset Management Software
Digital Asset Management Terminology
Browsers vs. DAM Catalog Software
Adobe Bridge
Communication between DAM applications

Benefits of the DNG Format and Digital Asset Management of Raw Files
What's a RAW File?
The Benefits and Drawbacks of Shooting RAW
DNG as a Workflow and Archiving Solution
A Digital Job Jacket
Drawbacks of DNG
DNG as an archival storage format

The Benefits of Sound Digital Asset Management
Sound Asset Management Aids Productivity
Proper DAM Adds Value to Your Photographs
Sometimes you are the client
Effective DAM Enhances the Longevity of Your Work
Your DAM System Prepares You for a Future of Profitable Professional Photography
The Licensing Model
Your Clients need some DAM help too
Photographers must lead the way
DAM Will Allow You To Roll With The Technological Changes
Storage Medium
Operating System
File Format

DIgital Asset Management
Organizing Photographs