Chapter 2 Metadata
This data about data-or, in our case, information about images-is
one of the most valuable tools in your DAM system. In this chapter,
we'll go over the different types of metadata; discuss the application
of ratings, keywords, and groups; and consider critical aspects of
metadata storage.

Types of Metadata
Metadata Type 1: Automatically Generated
Metadata Type 2: Bulk Entry Data
Metadata Type 3: Higher Metadata

Applying Ratings, Groupings and Keywords
Tagging Images For Quality: Ratings Pyramid
Setting up Your Ratings System.
A little bit of Math
Assigning Keywords
What's a Keyword
Controlled Vocabulary
Advanced Grouping: Making Virtual Sets

Storing Metadata
Private Metadata
Embedded Metadata
Embedded Metadata and Raw File Formats
New Capabilities of IPTC Data
Backward Compatibility

DIgital Asset Management
Organizing Photographs