Chapter 3: Creating the Digital Archive Part 1: The Information Structure

In this first of two chapters that discuss the actual "building" of your
digital archive, we'll go over the way files are organized in your DAM
system. We'll compare and contrast digital and film archives, examine
how to design a consistent information structure, and discuss the use
of "buckets" for storing images efficiently.

The Archive: An Overview
The Similarities between the Film and Digital Archives
Film Archives and Digital Archives Should Be Structured Differently
Physical Assets Require a Physical Filing Structure
Use Metadata to Organize Digital Files
Take the Plunge

Information Structure
Consistent Information Structure is your Friend
Designing a Unified Information Structure
Divide and Conquer
Segregating Original and Derivative Files

Directory Structure: Enter the Bucket Brigade
Don't Organize your Directory around Content
The Bucket System
How do I Make these Buckets?
How big is Your Bucket?
Size your bucket according to backup medium
Sizing your bucket according to other criteria
Naming the Buckets
Bucket Names for Derivative Images
Subfolder Naming
Combining Buckets

The Fine Art of File Naming
Renaming Original Files
Special Naming considerations for JPEGS
Appending Filenames for Derivative Files
When to Change File Names

DIgital Asset Management
Organizing Photographs