Chapter 4 Creating the Digital Archive Part 2: Hardware Configurations

In this chapter, we'll discuss the hardware (computer system) you need
to house your digital archive. We'll start with a view of my current system,
consider a range of system possibilities based on need and budget,
and discuss how to build an archive that is efficient now and scalable
for the future.

My Rig
Location Hardware
In the Studio
Boot Drive Backups

Choosing a storage medium
Keeping it Live and Local
Balancing Cost and Performance
Establishing a File Server
Going "Network"
Get this Server Started
Power Server
Drive Configuration: JBOD, RAID, or NAS?
JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks)
RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks)
NAS (Networked Attached Storage)
Considering System Configurations

Choosing Your Hardware
Hard Drive Cases
Internal Drives
Single Drive Externals
Multiple Drive Externals
Hard Drive Power Supplies
Hard Drive Interfaces
Internal Hard Drive Interfaces
External Drive Interfaces
Communicating between Computers: Ethernet and Wireless Networks

How Safe is Safe? Backing Up Your Archive
Understanding Threats to Your Archive's Well Being
Device Failure
Encoding/decoding Glitches
Lightning Strike/Voltage Surge
Fire/Water Damage
Human Error
Backup Strategies
Working, or Incremental File Backup
Archive Backup
Boot Drive Backup
Choosing Backup Media

DIgital Asset Management
Organizing Photographs