Chapter 5 Setting up Bridge

This chapter provides an introduction to the new "helm" of Adobe's
Creative Suite, Bridge. The proper configuration of this application is
critical to an integrated DAM system. Here, we'll go over what exactly
Bridge does and doesn't do, how to set up Bridge's preferences, and how
to use some of Bridge䴜s powerful tools and menus.

What Exactly is Bridge?
Bridge is an Excellent First Tool for Image Preparation
Bridge is a Scriptable Application

Setting Up Bridge Preferences
Setting General Preferences
Setting Metadata Preferences
Setting Label Preferences
Setting Advanced Preferences
Determining Camera Raw Hosting
Cache Preferences
Cache Files Can be Annoying
Setting Camera Raw Preferences
Sidecar Files
Camera Raw Cache
DNG Handling
Manually Updating the DNG Previews

The Bridge Menus
The File Menu
Making Metadata Templates
The Edit Menu
The Find Command
Apply camera Raw Settings
Saving Camera Raw Settings
The Tools Menu
Photoshop Tools
Import From Camera
Working with the Cache
The Label Menu
The View Menu
The Window Menu
Add-on Window Scripts

Setting up Keywords in Bridge
How the Keyword Sets Work
How do keywords get added to the Panel?

Using Bridge's Contextual Menus

DIgital Asset Management
Organizing Photographs