Chapter 6 The Editing Workflow

In this chapter, we'll go over the specific workflow in Bridge. Following
a checklist I use in my own work, we'll discuss the specific steps in each
phase of the editing workflow, from acquiring images, to preparing
them in Bridge, to creating the DNG files.

Workflow Checklist

Phase I: Acquire Images
Media Card Handling
Downloading Images to Your Computer
Backing up
Building the Cache
Confirming File Integrity
Format Media Card

Phase 2: Preparing Images in Bridge
Building the Cache, Camera Raw Settings
Sorting Image Files
Renaming the Files
Append Copyright and Bulk Metadata
Applying a Metadata Template
Applying Job-Specific Bulk Metadata
Using the Import From Camera Script
Apply Ratings (Positive and Negative)
Editing Sequence
Assigning ratings and Labels with the Keyboard
Positive Ratings
Negative Ratings
Viewing "Filtered" Images
Using the Unrated Designation
Adjust Camera Raw Settings
Ratings Start to Pay You Back
Camera Raw Work Order
Apply settings to Multiple Similar Images
Working through the settings

Exposure settings:
The Detail Tab
The Lens Tab
The Curve Tab
The Calibrate Tab
The Crop Tool
Applying Keywords and Synchronizing Ratings
Adding Keywords to Subsets
Synchronizing Ratings: Making your Ratings visible to other Applications
Using Labels to Apply other Higher Metadata
Using Rank and File to enable Multiple users to rate the files

Phase 3: Create the DNG files
Creating the DNG
Converting all images to DNG with the same settings:
Applying DNG Settings
Using the DNG Converter
Exporting Cache


DIgital Asset Management
Organizing Photographs