Chapter 7 Using Cataloging Software

In this chapter, we'll discuss the use of cataloging software in a DAM
system. I'll pass along my own advice for how to evaluate cataloging
software, provide some orientation to the DAM interface, and use my
current preferred program-iView MediaPro-to demonstrate how it
works in some case-study scenarios.

Evaluating Software
Things to Keep in Mind
Tips on Choosing Cataloging Software
Integration with Photoshop/Bridge
Having the Ability to Import your Bridgework
My Current Choice
My Software Criteria
Most important Characteristics of Cataloging software:
Integrating Labels and Ratings with Bridge
Where does my Metadata Live?.

The DAM interface
Using Different Views
Viewing by Automatically-Generated Metadata
Viewing by User-Created Metadata

Using DAM software to Perform Work on Images
Opening With Photoshop via iView
Output directly from Cataloging software
Setting up Web Galleries
Making Contact Sheets
Creating Conversion Files
Viewing Movies

Managing the Archive
Okay, so We're Not all Perfect
Confirming File Existence and Integrity
Recovering From Data Loss.
Make Catalog Backups
Care and Pruning of the Archive
Fun With Pictures

Other DAM Stuff
Synchronizing RAW + JPEG (or any two file types) with Duplicate Annotations Script
Converting Private to Embedded Metadata with Field of Sets Script
Cataloging Software and Other Types of Digital Media Files

Case Studies
Case Study #1 Portfolio Search
Case Study #2 Large Job Delivery
Case Study #3 Recovery from Drive Failure

DIgital Asset Management
Organizing Photographs