Chapter 8 Derivative Files

This chapter considers the different types of files you may have to create
for various tasks, from archiving RAW files to creating proper delivery
files. We'll consider the different conversion options, discuss how to
choose the proper file formats for each need, and go over cataloging

What's a Derivative File?

Reasons to Make Derivative Files
Master Files
Delivery Files

Conversion Options
Converting using Bridge
The Image Processor
Using the Caption Maker
Caption Maker Controls
Using Actions to make Derivative Files
Using DAM Software to Batch out Files
Conversion Issues
Naming Strategies
Color Profile
Working Color Space
Delivery Color Space
CMYK Conversions
Size, Layers, Versions, and Sharpening
Size: Bigger is, well, Bigger
Using Layers in Master Files
Managing Versions
Applying Sharpening
Which File Format to use?

Cataloging Strategies: What to Keep
Catalog (most of) your Derivative Files!

DIgital Asset Management
Organizing Photographs