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DAM Seminars by Peter Krogh
DAM Useful Software

Why Use DNG? ( A PDF discussion of the benefits of the DNG format, reprinted from Studio Photography and Design Magazine)
UPDIG (Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines)
Formats for Archiving Images (a discussion of the relative values of Archive image formats)
Controlled Vocabulary (a place to learn about keywording discipline)
OpenRAW (a working group in the interest of RAW file accessibility)


RapidSnapper (A new script to create Lightroom-style snapshots inwith Adobe Bridge) Full-featured, time-limited demo
Download Checklist, PDF ( A PDF version of the Download Checklist from Chapter 6)
Download Checklist, InDesign ( An InDesign version of the Download Checklist from Chapter 6)
Download Checklist, Excel
Import From Camera Script (A utility for renaming, copying and adding metadata to a folder of images)
The Caption Maker! (Automatically adds a caption to your print, extracted from Metadata or typed as free text. Works only with Photoshop CS2/Bridge. Click the link and scroll down to Dr. Brown's Services, under Photoshop CS2 Tips).)
Tom Fors ACR Calibration Script (A way to "profile" your camera using a Macbeth Color Checker)
Adobe Camera Raw and Bridge update download page.

Mac Edition Radio

Forums and Listserves
Rob Galbraith (a place to discuss many Photographic subjects)
D1scussion (a listserve dedicated to Nikon DSLR cameras and their use)
APADigital (a listserve of Pros discussing digital photography issues)
PhotoDigital (Gary Gladstone and Jack Reznicki's Pro digital listserve)

DIgital Asset Management
Organizing Photographs